Trolley Veterinary Ultrasound Machine


Product Detail




★Outstanding image performance

★Suitable for various animals

★Red Star Design Award (Chinese Design)

★ISO13485 certification and EU CE certification



◇Diverse color doppler functions.

◇21.5-inch LCD display monitor & 13.3-inch LCD touch screen, more convenient to operate.

◇Quality Guarantee: 2-year warranty and professional after-sales service.


Probe using subarray technology: dedicated high-density probe, using a new array design technology. It fully demonstrates the high-resolution images brought by the high-density probe, perfectly presenting the image details and increasing the accuracy of clinical diagnosis.

Probes (optional):

1.  Convex probe

2.  Linear probe

3.  High frequency linear probe

4.  Intraoperative Probe

5.  Phased Array Probe (Cardiac probe)

6.  Rectal probe

7.  Micro-convex probe

8.  4D Volume probe


Technical Advantages:

T5-VET is Dawei Medical’s intelligent application of color ultrasound, using self-developed innovative ultrasound operation platform – “Cloud Sea”, to improve ultrasound operation efficiency and data processing capacity.

It is equipped with rapid ADC information transmission module, high sampling rate, broadband, and maintains high signal dynamic range, presenting clearer, more realistic, more sensitive, and more fluid ultrasound images.

It has rich and diverse imaging functions, such as spatial composite imaging technology, trapezoidal imaging technology, color blood flow technology, clean filter technology, etc. Perfect clinical solutions, simpler and more efficient instrument operation, significantly improve the efficiency of medical personnel and optimize the human-computer interaction experience.

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Adrenal glands PW



Trapezoidal imaging of pancreas