• Donkey farms use ultrasound machines for donkeys

    Veterinary ultrasound machines have been widely used in pig, cattle and sheep farms, but for donkey farms, there are very few customers using donkey ultrasound machines. This article will introduce the necessity of using donkey ultrasound machines in donkey farms and highlight their advantages to...
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  • Equine Reproductive Ultrasound

    Equine Reproductive Ultrasound

    Ultrasound examination is an important and commonly used tool for evaluating the reproductive system of horses. It provides a non-invasive method to examine the reproductive organs of mares and stallions. This article will detail the steps and key observation points for equine reproductive ultras...
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  • The Role of Ultrasound Examination in Equine Lameness Cases

    The Role of Ultrasound Examination in Equine Lameness Cases

    Ultrasound examination has become one of the most common on-site imaging modalities for evaluating musculoskeletal injuries in horses because it allows veterinarians to visualize almost any body tissue, most importantly soft tissues like tendons and ligaments. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound...
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  • Livestock ultrasound equipment applications

    Livestock ultrasound equipment applications

    Application of Livestock Ultrasound Equipment in Cattle Management The advent of livestock ultrasound equipment has significantly promoted and accelerated research capabilities in the fields of bovine reproductive physiology and live animal carcass assessment. The application of ultrasound in bo...
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  • How does the probe frequency of a veterinary ultrasound machine affect ultrasound imaging?

    The name or marking of the probe on a veterinary ultrasound system has a number followed by “MHz” and this number (or range of numbers) refers to the frequency of the sound waves produced by that particular probe. As the sound waves travel through the tissue, some of them are absorbed or attenuat...
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  • Veterinary ultrasound machines for canine ultrasound

    Veterinary ultrasound machines are most commonly used in the ultrasound examination of canines and small animals for abdominal and thoracic ultrasound. Each of these exams has its own objectives, but are complementary when used together in a patient, and it is often recommended that all three exa...
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  • Wireless Veterinary Ultrasound

    Wireless Veterinary Ultrasound

    With the continuous progress of veterinary medicine, veterinary wireless ultrasound equipment is becoming an important tool for veterinary diagnosis. The portability and efficiency of wireless ultrasound provide veterinarians with more flexible and accurate diagnostic means. In this article, we w...
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  • Veterinary ultrasound machine probe five failure aspects of the overhaul

    Veterinary ultrasound machine probe five failure aspects of the overhaul

    Veterinary ultrasound machine probe failure is very common, the cause of failure is also a variety of reasons, summarized in the following aspects: (1) the natural loss of the probe itself. This is because the probe has a certain period of use, more than the use of the period, it may occur aging,...
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  • Portable veterinary sonography machine principle

    Portable veterinary sonography machine principle

    The basic components of a portable veterinary sonography machine are shown in Figure 1. The beam synthesizer is called the front end of the portable veterinary sonography machine, and the scan converter is called the back end of the portable veterinary sonography machine. The back end of the sono...
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  • Veterinary ultrasound for dogs to check gastrointestinal and pancreatic diseases

    Veterinary ultrasound for dogs to check gastrointestinal and pancreatic diseases

    Generally pet ultrasound images, mainly from the following dimensions: 1, pet ultrasound imaging if black, indicates the detection of low-density liquid substances, such as urine in the bladder, amniotic fluid in the uterus, follicular fluid in the follicle, blood in the pelvic wall blood vessels...
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  • Sheep pregnancy veterinary ultrasound

    Sheep pregnancy veterinary ultrasound

    In the breeding industry, there have been more and more methods of pregnancy testing for animals, the most accurate of which is still diagnosed by ultrasound technology, commonly known as veterinary ultrasound machines, which are now widely used in pig and cattle breeding species. It is mainly us...
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  • With so many veterinary ultrasounds available, what should a pet hospital choose?

    In a pet hospital, veterinary ultrasound equipment is almost indispensable imaging equipment. Today, we will talk about the Dawei veterinary VET series of veterinary ultrasound from three dimensions: image quality, training services, and customization. Image Technological innovation: Dawei Veter...
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