Portable Laptop Animal Reptile Ultrasound Machine Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner


Portable laptop veterinary ultrasound scanner can be used for the examination of different organs in sheep, dogs, cats, reptiles, etc. The images are preset to optimize the examination conditions and reduce the adjustment during veterinary operation.

Product Detail


L3 animal reptile ultrasound machine for the inspection and diagnosis of middle and small size animals’ liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, uterus, and other organs. For the diagnosis of reptile pregnancy, diagnosis of fish gender.


1. High-definition LCD screen

Adopting 15-inch high-definition LCD medical monitor, soft light and high contrast.

2.Graphic management system

Device PC platform driver
WIN10 system, the host built-in ≥ 128G solid state hard drive start fast
Graphic integrated workstation

3. Light and convenient instrument, large capacity lithium battery

Notebook-style device, net weight 6.7kg
Simple backlit silicone keyboard
15600mA lithium battery, the device can work for 3-6 hours without power.

4.Complete imaging modes

B, BB, 4B, B/M, M

ultrasound machine portable vet

5.Veterinary examination modes

Ultrasound of the abdomen of sheep, cats, dogs, reptiles, e.g., digestive, reproductive, urinary and others

6.Professional application toolkit

Veterinary measurements, veterinary annotation library, veterinary report templates


Animal ultrasound probes

Probe interface ≥ 1

Clinical Images

Liver color doppler
M mode
Pregnancy check