Dawei Group

Dawei Veterinary Medical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

(Dawei Medical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.)
Is a professional manufacturer of Full Digital Veterinary Black and White Ultrasonic Scanner, Veterinary Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System,
Veterinary Patient Monitor and Veterinary Digital X-ray, which focuses on R&D, Production and Marketing.

Global Market

Dawei was founded in 2006 and built the manufacturing basement in Xuzhou Dawei Ultrasound Industry Park, and also have two R&D centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

After more than 10 years, Dawei has developed into a leading domestic manufacturer of High-tech Ultrasound Equipment. Now our products are sold to more than 30 domestic provinces and exported to over 160 countries and regions.

"Profession creates more splendidness." Dawei has met the standards of ISO13485, received CE certification, and also gained various of invention patents and software copyrights.


In 30 provinces of China


Exported to 160 countries and regions


"Professional create more Splendid", DaWei has passed ISO13485 quality system, CE certification, and also own various of invention patents and software copyright, the products covered full digital black and white ultrasonic scanner ,full digital Color Doppler ultrasound system and veterinary ultrasound scanner.

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Slogan: For love, image the world.

Mission : Bring health and well-being to people’s lives

Over the past 14 years since its inception, Dawei has become a global developer,manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment. Its mission is to protect humen and animals health services and make healthcare more accessible and affordable around the world. Dawei Medical's core business is ultrasound diagnostic technology solutions. 

Our products conform to product-specific standards and specifications and will continue to be improved to keep us in line with standards and the latest technology. Whenever you need us, we will grow with you. Provide services that you can rely on. Provide services that support your long-term business success.


  • 2006

    The Company Was Established And Started lts lnitial Expansion.
  • 2007

    The Company Began To Expand ln China And Set Up Research And Development Center And Service Center.
  • 2008

    Dw Series Full Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument Was Launched.
  • 2009

    Color Doppler Began To Be Developed And L Series ColorDoppler Was Launched. Mark The Beginning Of Great Product.
  • 2010

    The Company Has Served More Than 500,000 Patients, Users And Third-Party Institutions. The Products Passed lso 13485 And Ce.
  • 2011

    The Business Performance Increased By More Than 70% ForFive Consecutive Years, Highlighting Great Value.
  • 2012

    The F Series T Series Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnosis System Was Launched, Which lncreased Dawei's Competitiveness In The Field Of Ultrasound Equipment.
  • 2013

    Dawei Launched The Vet Series OfVeterinary Ultrasound Systems, And Actively Deployed lts Global Sales Network.
  • 2014

    Continued To lmprove The Brand Mission -- To Escort The Cause Of Humen and Animals Health Services.
  • 2015

    Through Continuous Investment In lndependent Research And Development, The Company Has Grown lnto One Of The World's Famous Medical Device Manufacturer.
  • 2016

    Products Cover More Than 140 Countries And Regions, Serving More Than 3 Million Patients, Users And Third-Party Institutions.
  • 2017

    Entered Dawei lndustrial Park To Start The New Year Of Dawei Medical Manufacturing.
  • 2018

    Dawei P Series Portable High-EndColor Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic lnstrument Was Put Into The Market.
  • 2019

    Products Cover More Than 160 Countries And Regions, With An Annual Sales Of More Than 10 Million Us Dollars.
  • 2020

    The Ecg Machine Was Officially Put lnto The Market , Becoming A Milestone Of Dawei's Medical Product Diversification.