P60-VET THI TDI Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System for Pet Clinic


Product Detail

Probe optionals


★Outstanding image performance

★Suitable for various animals

★A wide selection of probes



◇Diverse color doppler functions.

◇15-inch LCD display monitor & flexible adjustment of the display within 45°.

◇Quality Guarantee: 2-year warranty and professional after-sales service.


Suitable for pet hospitals, clinics, zoos, breeding bases, breeding bases and scientific research and other ultrasound inspection fields.



With a high-performance FPGA, it can respond to various clinical needs in a hurry, with a big leap in response speed and a comprehensive examination mode as standard.

With more sensitive echo frequency shift capture capability, which results in better contrast resolution, more tissue structure information, and clearer and more detailed clinical images.

With powerful image processing functions, high-end technology applications: harmonic imaging, tissue Doppler imaging, elastography, contrast imaging, PView wide-field imaging technology, etc.

The host adopts WIN8 system with 4G running memory, the system is stable and safe, and the images are clear.

Support DICOM 3.0 DICOM video/audio input and output, and can send clinical pictures and reports directly to the computer through the network.

动物探头分类 (2) (1)


Pancreas with linear probe



Adrenal gland PW




Kidney trapezoidal imaging