High-End Trolley Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner


T6-VET is based on a new technology platform with a safe, stable operation system, let you calmly deal with a variety of unexpected situations.

Product Detail

Probe optionals


High-end veterinary color doppler ultrasound system T6-VET

★Outstanding image performance

★Suitable for various animals

★Red Star Design Award (Chinese Design)

★ISO13485 certification and EU CE certification



◇Diverse color doppler functions.

◇21.5-inch LCD display monitor & 13.3-inch LCD touch screen, more convenient to operate.

◇Quality Guarantee: 2-year warranty and professional after-sales service.


Probe using subarray technology: dedicated high-density probe, using a new array design technology. It fully demonstrates the high-resolution images brought by the high-density probe, perfectly presenting the image details and increasing the accuracy of clinical diagnosis.

Probes (optional):

1.  Convex probe

2.  Linear probe

3.  High frequency linear probe

4.  Intraoperative Probe

5.  Phased Array Probe (Cardiac probe)

6.  Rectal probe

7.  Micro-convex probe

8.  4D Volume probe


Hardware Advantages:

A new generation of panel bearing design, the use of space presentation has been greatly enhanced to bring a convenient, fast and comfortable experience, 110 ° operation panel left and right adjustment, more flexible and convenient to use.

The lifting arm has 18cm of ultra-high space adjustment to meet the visual needs of different medical practitioners anytime and anywhere, providing you with better image quality and a comfortable operating experience.

13.3-inch medical touch screen can be adjusted from 0-45° to meet the needs of different angles of doctors. Touch screen fully utilized to reduce imprecise operation caused by button contact and pressure, minimizing user fatigue.

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