Basic Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System


This wonderful digital color doppler veterinary ultrasound system has wide-band frequency probes and quick and easy control buttons.

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High-end veterinary on-platform color doppler ultrasound system F3-VET

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◇Outstanding image performance◇

Spatial composite imaging:

Ultrasound spatial composite imaging can improve the contrast resolution, fine resolution and spatial resolution; enhance the echo continuity of tissue and lesion interface and reduce various artifacts (specular reflection, speckle, scattering, attenuation, contrast difference).

Trapezoidal imaging technique:

It is a kind of extended imaging, which is converted into trapezoid on the basis of the original rectangle, and the left and right sides are expanded to a certain extent to achieve a wider field of view.

Color blood flow technology:

Apply a new algorithm to improve the display performance of low-speed blood flow and microvascular blood flow.

Clean Filter:

During the propagation of the signal in the tissue, various invalid information is formed, causing interference to the imaging. Filtering technology, the full frequency band, different depth of effective information for filtering extraction, calculate the variability of the signal in the process of propagation, and targeted correction matching, the noise signal to do effective suppression filtering, to obtain to a high degree of restoration contrast of the acoustic image.


◇Excellent product features◇

* Spectral pulse Doppler

* Directional energy Doppler

* Real-time triple synchronization

* Tissue Harmonic Imaging

* Spatial composite imaging

* Trapezoidal imaging

* 2B/4B imaging mode

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Color Doppler


Auto Spectrum Envelope Measurement


Directional Power Doppler Imaging


Trapezoidal Imaging