Basic Laptop Full Digital Veterinary Ultrasound System


This scanner is with high cost-effective, with first-class digital imaging technology,  provides clearer images full and rich graphic information processing functions.

Product Detail



Portable veterinary ultrasound system MU10



Suitable for used in the examination of abdominal organs of various animals such as cattle, horses, dogs, cats, sheep and pigs.



What are the highlights of the portable veterinary ultrasound scanner?

★ Support multiple probes, suitable for various animals.

★ Light and portable, easy to operate.

★ High quality digital imaging technology for clearer images and easier diagnosis.

★ External USB storage for easy image upload.

★ Automatic calculation of pregnancy weeks and due date values, no need to calculate manually.

Optional probes:

◇ 3.5MHz convex probe

◇ 6.5MHz electronic micro-convex probe

◇ 5.0MHz micro-convex probe

◇ 7.5MHz rectal probe with handle

◇ 7.5MHz rectal probe

◇ 3.5MHz backfat probe


Technical Specification


1)     Main monitor: 12.1 inch LED Medical Display

2)     Language: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese

3)     Display mode: B, BB, 4B, B/M, M

4)     Focus: four sections electronic focus, focus position adjustable

5)     Measurements: Distance, perimeter, area, volume, heart rate

6)     Cine loop: 256 frames, support continuous playback or view frame by frame

7)     Grey scale: 256

8)     Overall gain: 0-100

9)     Frame correlation: 0-3

10)  Dynamic range: 0-135dB, visible and adjustable, cyclically adjustable

11)  Pseudo color: 8 kinds

12)  Gamma correction: 0-7

13)  Linear correlation: 0-5

14)  Edge enhancement: 0-3

15)  Display magnification: 16 display modes; more accurate lesion diagnosis

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