Basic Laptop Full Digital Veterinary Ultrasound System


This animal sonography provides clearer images full and rich graphic information processing functions.

Product Detail


MU10-vet full digital animal sonography diagnostic instrument, adopting multi-beam digital imaging technology with clearer images, can be used for the examination of various tissues and organs and the diagnosis of lesions, such as liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, uterus, pregnancy and so on, in small and medium-sized animals; and for the pregnancy checking and determination of the thickness of backfat in large animals, such as cows, goats, horses, pigs and so on.

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Laptop portable animal sonography machine

Notebook type appearance, ultra-thin design, small size, light weight to 4.7Kg. easy to carry, convenient for clinic;

12. 1-inch LED full-viewing angle visualizer, image display is convenient and flexible;

Super battery life and data storage

Laptop portable ultrasound machine

Professional veterinary design

Measurement software package: with more than 8 kinds of obstetrics measurement software package (pig, cow, dog, horse, cat, goat, camel, sheep), providing obstetrics gestational week, circumference/area and other measurement data

Probe interface: with automatic identification function to support a variety of probe work, optional and probe extension function, a variety of probe operation from the comfortable response

8 kinds of pseudo-color, change at will

Intelligent TGC full 8-segment gain control, focus on the regional display at your discretion


ultrasound probe

Clinical Images

Animal Kidney Effect
Animal spleen effect
Animal Liver Effect