RV-32A Veterinary Digital Xray Mahine


Product Detail

Flat Panel Detector

X-ray Tube Assembly



★Extremely fast imaging: 3s

★Dustproof and waterproof high voltage generator

★The imaging software system has a variety of built-in image processing methods to improve the speed and accuracy of the consultation.



1. For musculoskeletal imaging

It is able to make accurate and rapid judgments on skeletal diseases such as fractures, bone fractures, and osteomas; it excels in the display of bone cortex, bone cancellous, surrounding soft tissues, and potential pathological damage; it is significantly better than conventional X-ray machines in areas that affect more overlap (such as the spine and pelvis).

2. For chest imaging

The examination of two major organs, lungs and heart, DR images are better than traditional radiography for the display of mediastinum, posterior cardiac area and hidden area under the diaphragm; it has good applications for chest diseases such as lung infection, tracheal collapse, pleural effusion and esophageal foreign body.

3. For abdominal imaging

It should be used for the examination of gastrointestinal diseases, such as foreign body, obstruction, abdominal tumor and reproductive system diseases in animals.

4. For X-Ray angiography imaging

It is used in esophagogram and gastrointestinal imaging.

flat panel detector✸ Use of performance effects: Image quality reaches to the forefront of the domestic industry, 139um pixel size, spatial resolution of 3.6 lp/mm, pixel matrix 3072 * 3072 px, megapixel imaging.

✸ Automatic exposure AED function: the flat panel’s unique automatic exposure detection function, referred to as AED, higher sensitivity, do not worry about the loss of image due to weak exposure ,flat panel can detect the weak exposure  to ensure the most comprehensive signal conversion.

✸ Amorphous silicon cesium iodide: with high X-ray conversion efficiency, conversion speed and quantum detection efficiency DQE, so that while reducing the exposure dose, but also to obtain high-quality photographic images. Truly can achive better image quality, faster imaging speed, lower radiation, higher efficiency, better stability and lower maintenance costs.

✸ Extremely fast imaging speed: complete shooting within 3s, ensuring real-time imaging, timely diagnosis, and effectively improving work efficiency.

✸ Large dynamic output range: 16-bit large dynamic range, a wider range of gray levels to truly meet the fine reproduction of animal tissue density differences, to achieve better low-contrast density resolution, effectively enhance the diagnostic value of photographic images.

✸High stability: Dawei RV-32A & RV-32B uses flat panel detector basically do no appear loss of connection; and its use of a wider range of conditions, the use of environmental temperature (5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃), humidity (10% ~ 75%) changes have super stability; at the same time, the relative dose of X-rays required to shoot lower, the overall performance of effective maintenance time longer. Therefore, the comprehensive use of more stable performance, higher service life, lower maintenance costs.

X-ray tube assembly

➣ RV-32A: Hangzhou Yuanzhi LQ16-XD51-20 (domestic bulb tube)

✸Dual focal spot: small focal spot 1.0mm, large focal spot 2.0mm for the best image resolution and loading power balance

✸High thermal capacity: bulb tube thermal capacity up to 140kHU, to achieve more stable continuous exposure performance and better meet the requirements of continuous work.

✸Maximum power: small focus 20kW, large focus 40kW, greatly enhance the photographic conditions applicable to a variety of animal body types, body position range, to meet the needs of a variety of special photographic loading conditions.