Laptop Veterinary Ultrasonic Scanner


The MU12 Veterinary ultrasound machine is a versatile portable veterinary B-ultrasound that can be carried on the body or placed on a desk for notebook display

Product Detail


ultrasound machine portable

MU12 is suitable for the examination and diagnosis of tissue and organ lesions in small and medium-sized animals such as liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder and uterus. For example, cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and many kinds of poultry, experimental animals, wild animals, and some aquatic animals.


1.Mobile clinic, high quality imaging

A variety of charging methods to effectively ensure that the examination and consultation in different environments;
Full focusing technology, greatly improving the clarity of ultrasound images;
Compact body, in the city, townships, outdoor and other environments with a strong consulting superiority;
Backlit silicone keyboard, more comfortable and wear-resistant, dark room use is no longer a problem.
Standard 18650 lithium battery 5-7 hours long standby time;

2.Comprehensive system functions

MU12 is a high-array, high-definition, multi-functional notebook ultrasound diagnostic instrument;
The menu real-time display is easy to adjust and multiple storage methods to meet the clinical sharing;
High array element, high definition, multi-channel technology application, work stable and efficient;
Gamma correction, line correlation, pseudo-colour and many other image post-processing functions;

3.Powerful range of tests

Inspection during embryo transfer
Identification of empty womb in pigs, horses and other animals
Determination of muscle thickness and area in birds
Diagnosis of reproductive system diseases such as uterus, ovary, etc.
Diagnosis of pregnancy, foetal development, foetal viability and sex determination
Examination of tumours, abscesses and haematomas on the body surface of various animal udder machines
Determination of backfat thickness, rump fat, psoas muscle area and muscle mass in large animals such as cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and camels.



Convex probe (2.0 -5MHz)

Linear probe (5.5 - 9.0MHz)

Micro-convex probe (4.0-7.0MHz) ​

Rectal probe (5.5 -9.0MHz)

Clinical Images

animal ultrasound
pet ultrasound
vet ultrasound