3 Channel Veterinary ECG System Machine for Sale


DE03 veterinary 3-channel ECG with four operating modes, real-time ECG waveform freezing function, screen protection and automatic standby function to reduce power consumption and extend the service life of the equipment.

Product Detail


DE03 Veterinary 3-channel ECG machine for small, medium and large animals, pets and small research animals.


  • DE03 Veterinary 3-channel ecg can be connected to the ECG workstation, with a strong patient file management function, can store up to hundreds of thousands of ECG reports;
  • With low power consumption mode, it can automatically enter standby mode or shut down after a certain period of inactivity;
  • High-resolution thermal dot matrix print output; baseline stability detection to ensure that neat and beautiful ECG wave forms can be printed every time;
  • Equipped with high speed and high sensitivity hot spot recording system, with print trace depth adjustment function;
  • 7-inch high-definition and wide-angle color LCD screen, capacitive touch control, 12-lead display;; Six ECG record combination modes;
  • 3 channels/ (3+R) channels/dual-row 6-channels/single-row 6-channels/single/dual-row 12-channels six ECG display combination modes;
Veterinary Ecg Machine


  •  Accurate ECG automatic diagnosis function, with heart rate exceeding alarm function, and freely set whether to print the measurement and analysis report;
  • Full keyboard touch input to enter hospital and patient information;
  • With real-time ECG waveform freezing function, it is easy to grasp the patient's important ECG waveform;
  • Manual, automatic, rhythm, physical examination and other operating modes;
  • With RS232 communication interface, USB interface and LAN network interface;
  • External large capacity USB memory, can achieve the storage, playback and printing of historical data on the computer;
  • Built-in large capacity any ion rechargeable battery, and a special charging circuit and perfect battery management and protection system;
  • With lead off detection function, with paper shortage detection function;
  • Wide power supply design, suitable for 110-230, 50/60hz ac power supply.
  • Memory capacity can be expanded by USB flash disk.


One-piece 5-lead ECG leadwire, cardiac electrode holder*5, printing paper 30M/20M*80, power cord


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ECG machine for veterinary