Veterinary Digital X-Ray Machine System | Radiography Medical Imaging Equipment


Digital Radiography X-Ray Machine System for  Veterinary  (Touch Screen Version)

  • 3 seconds to produce images
  • High-speed imaging
  • 32KW high power X-ray system
  • Professional customized version of pet image processing software

Product Detail


The Dawei veterinary x-ray machine is mainly used for the examination of bones, lungs, and foreign bodies of small and medium-sized animals and fish;

  • Examination of the skeletal and muscular system

Rapid diagnosis of bone diseases such as fractures, cracks, and osteoma

  • Chest examination: Lungs and heart examination

Examination of the lungs and heart

  • Abdominal examination

Gastrointestinal foreign bodies, obstruction, abdominal tumors, reproductive system diseases, etc.

32B radiography medical imaging equipment can meet most of the clinical imaging examinations in animal hospitals

digital vet x-ray machine

Veterinary digital x-ray machine system & RV-32B Radiography Medical Imaging Equipment

  • Flat panel detector: up time 3--5s
  • Scintillator: Cesium Iodide
  • Pixel matrix: 3072*3072
  • Pixel Pitch: 139um
  • Display: 15.6 inches
  • Screen type: capacitive touch
  • High frequency high voltage generator output power: 32KW
  • Exposure mA range:10mA-400mA
Medical Imaging Equipment


Flat Panel Detector

  • Comprehensive image production quality has reachedthe forefront level of the domestic industries. It has 139um for pixel size, 3.71p/mm for spatial resolution, 3072*3072 for pixel matrix and millions of pixel imaging
  • Large dynamic range (16-bit) and wider grey level can truely satisty the exquisite reproduction of subtle density differences in animal tissue.

X-Ray Tube Assembly

  • Dual focus, high thermal capacity
  • Applicable to a wide range of animal body types and positions, to meet the needs of a variety of special photographic loading conditions
X-Ray Tube Assembly

High Voltage Generator

  • Output power: 32KW
  • Tube voltage range: 40~150kV
  • Tube current range: 10mA~400mA (using R'10 or R'20 standard)
  • Maximum power: 32KW
High voltage generator

Clinical Images

Veterinary X-ray diagnostic system
Veterinary X-ray imaging system