12 Channel ECG Machine for Veterinary Use


Dawei 12 channel veterinary ECG machine:

Adopt a 10.2-inch high-resolution LCD screen with a standard capacitive touchscreen.;

Stores up to 1000 data records, supports data transfer via USB drive;

Supports data transfer via USB drive, wired network, and wireless network, facilitating network-based diagnosis;

Offers 6 recording modes to meet the diagnostic needs of various departments;

Supports multiple storage formats such as JPG, PDF, DAT, and more, making full use of data in the digital age;

Product Detail


12 Channel ECG Machine

The 12 channel veterinary ECG Machine is typically used on small, medium and large animals, including livestock, pets (e.g., dogs, cats), laboratory research animals and more.
Veterinary electrocardiogram device is mainly used to detect and monitor the heart activity of animals to help diagnose cardiovascular diseases, including arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, heart valve problems, and so on. By recording an ECG, doctors can assess the animal's heart health.



  • Support language: China/UK/Russia/France/Germany/Portugal/Spain Leads synchronised ECG acquisition;
  • Equipped with high-speed, high-sensitivity hotspot recording system with print track depth adjustment function;
  • 10.2-inch high-definition wide-angle colour LCD screen, capacitive touch control, 12-lead display;
  • Single line/3 channel/(3+R) channel/(+l+V5) channel/dual line 6 channel/single line 6 channel/single line/dual line 12 channel Eight ECG display combination modes;
  • Veterinary electrocardiograph with automatic diagnosis function, with heart rate exceeds the standard alarm function, can be set whether to print the measurement and analysis report;
  • With real-time ECG waveform freezing function, you can easily grasp the important ECG waveform of the patient;
  • With RS232 communication interface, USB interface and LAN network interface;
  • It has the function of wire break detection and paper out detection;
  • Veterinary 12 channel automatic ECG analysis system: ECG automatic diagnosis function, automatic measurement and analysis of ECG for doctors' reference.
  • High-resolution thermal matrix printout; baseline stability test ensures neat and beautiful waveforms for each ECG;
Pet ECG machine


Veterinary 12 channel veterinary ECG machine accessories: - body five-lead ECG lead wires, veterinary electrode clips, printing paper

ECG accessories

Clinical Images

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