Pc Platform Full Digital Veterinary Black And White Ultrasound Diagnostic System


Product Detail

Probe (Optional)


★Good image performance

★Suitable for various animals

★Support more than 9 types of probe



◇Built-in lithium battery, working time up to 3 hours.

◇15-inch LCD display monitor.

◇Quality Guarantee: 2-year warranty and professional after-sales service.



It has a stable and efficient Windows operating platform, which can be easily expanded, upgraded and maintained.

It adopts the design of “soft switch”, which makes the power-on loss of the device almost zero, solves the problem of capacitive opening, and improves the service life of the whole machine.

It has rich clinical expansion functions such as one-click full screen, USB high-speed reading, and real-time report editing.

It is equipped with an Ultra ISO system recovery USB drive, which allows full backup at important moments.

It transplants the color ultrasound harmonic imaging technology, which obtains a fuller harmonic signal based on the fundamental wave, making the image clearer and more detailed and enhancing diagnostic confidence.

It supports pulsed Doppler mode for blood flow, peak blood flow, pulse index and other measurements.

动物探头分类 (2) (1)



 Dog’s bladder




 Dog spleen





Adrenal glands