Laptop Veterinary Ultrasound Diagnostic Machine 690 Vet


The 690-VET veterinary ultrasound diagnostic machine is a newly developed black and white ultrasound machine for pets by Dawei Veterianry Medical. The lightweight laptop design meets the diagnostic work in many occasions.

Product Detail


The 690-VET is suitable for pet dogs and cats, pigs, horses, cattle and sheep.
This portable veterinary ultrasound machine meets the examination and diagnosis of primary pet hospitals.


  • 12.1" HD LED LCD screen, 1024*768 resolution
  • Adopting the new ARM architecture
  • 8-segment TGC
  • Notebook style design
Digital Veterinary Ultrasound
Handheld Scanner For Vet Hospital

Intelligent operation

  •  Image presetting: This veterinary ultrasound diagnostic machine has different preset adjustment conditions for different parts or organs examined by different departments
  • Image magnification
  •  Report function: Hospital standard report form page setting, can input patient, veterinarian , diagnosis result and other information, automatically import the selected diagnosis picture and examination measurement data
  •  Backlit silicone keyboard, comfortable and wear-resistant.



veterinary sonography probe

Clinical Images