Veterinary Ultrasonic Surgical System


Ultrasonic Surgical System AUS-100 consists of a generator, a scalpel and a hand piece. In addition, a foot switch is provided as an optional component. The Ultrasonic Surgical System utilizes ultrasonic energy to enable hemostatic cutting and/or coagulation. The electrical energy supplied by the generator will be converted into mechanical motion by the transducer in hand piece, which will drive the scalpel vibrate longitudinally. 


Product Detail

Clinical Advantages

Advantage of Generator

Advantage of Hand Piece

Advantage of Shear Structure

Product Features of Shear Structure

1. Versatile functions: separation, grasping, cutting and coagulation without changing instruments.

2. Excellent performance: good occlusive coagulation performance and fast cutting ability, no conductive tissue damage and no lateral thermal damage.

3. Multiple specifications: tip and shears cutter heads, variety of species; a full range of lengths to suit the requirements of minimally invasive or open procedures in different areas.

4. Reusable: the cutter head is designed to be reusable, reducing procurement costs and lowering the cost of the procedure.

5. Comfortable to use: ergonomic design, very comfortable to hold.


Product Features of Generator and Hand Piece 

1. The generator has intelligent tissue sensing technology that adjusts the energy output according to the changing state of the clamped tissue, improving the efficiency of the operation and ensuring surgical safety.

2. The generator adopts overload protection technology to effectively reduce the risk of overheating and melting of the gaskets during surgery and to guarantee surgical safety.

3. Simple HMI display interface for easy operation.

4. Integrated handle piece, unlimited use times, reducing medical costs.

  • Complete cutting and coagulation at the same time
  • Reliably sealing vessels up to 5mm in diameter
  • No current through patient body
  • The smallest eschar and desiccation for the tissue
  • Precise cutting with minimal thermal damage
  • Less smoke
  • Multi-function to reduce the replacement of different instruments、
  • Less blood leakage
  • lLess time for haemostasis
  • Shorter operation time
  • Less surgical complications
  • Less pet pain
  • More advanced computer algorithms
  • Intelligent chip control more excellent power output
  • Self-testing system
  • Legible system interface
  • Auditory feedbackGenerator
  • Hand piece without time of use restriction
  • The chip inside the hand piece could optimize the output powerHand Piece
  • Ergonomic grip design for handle and footswitch: reduce fatigue, make operation more stable
  • Multi-function: applied to separating, grasping, cutting and coagulating without replacing instruments
  • Tissue spacer with soft-contact material: Prevent adhesion, enhance grasping force
  • Minimal thermal damage 
  • Reusable: the cutter head is designed to be reusable, reducing procurement costs and lowering the cost of the procedureShear Structure