Veterinary Patient Monitoring Systems HD10-VET


HD10-Vet Veterinary monitor systems monitoring range HR, ECG, SPO2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP, CO2 (optional), fanless design, low power consumption, green, power saving and durable.

Product Detail


HD10-Vet veterinary monitor system is suitable for all kinds of small, medium and large-sized animals, pets, scientific research small animals' electrocardiography, blood oxygen, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperature, heart rate.


  • HD10 Vet veterinary monitor system monitoring range HR, ECG, SPO2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP, CO2 (optional);
  • 1024*768 color LCD, full view display, 10 levels of brightness freely adjustable;
  • Vertical column key layout on the right side to meet the rapid operation of various scenarios;
  • Powerful processing performance, presenting millisecond-second data refresh frequency, performance, functionality, all-round;
  • Veterinary cardioid 12-core socket design, anti-dullness and anti-interference;
  • Stable respiratory frequency monitoring, helping doctors to accurately conduct ventilator parameter adjustment;
  • More than three ways to enter the alarm limit settings, different body types of animals without excessive operation;
  • More than 5 languages operation interface; convenient operation of patient information entry\deletion\saving;.
  • With: standard interface, large font, trend coexistence;
  • Blood pressure software and hardware double overpressure protection, to ensure patient safety;
  • Six groups of data displayed on the same screen, trend analysis at a glance;
veterinary patient monitor

Veterinary Monitor ECG Module

  • Display method seven-lead the same screen.
  • Heart rate measurement range: 20-350bpm.
  • Alarm range: 20-350bpm.
  • Common mode rejection ratio ≥105db.
  • Waveform speed 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50mm/s four levels of selection.
  • Gain selection Seven selection modes.
  • QRS volume with 5 levels of adjustment.
  • Monitoring mode Diagnostic, monitoring, surgery, ST four monitoring modes.
  • Heart rate arrhythmia analysis With 23 kinds of heart rate arrhythmia analysis.
  • Electrodebrider protection The ECG module can work normally in an electrosurgical interference environment with electrodebrider cutting power of 300W and coagulation power of 100W, and the accuracy is not affected.

Veterinary Monitor Respiratory Module(RESP)

  • Measurement range: 0 – 150 breaths/min.
  • Respiratory excitation waveform Sine wave signal, 62.8kHz (±10%), <500μA.
  • Asphyxiation alarm with more than 9 levels of alarm time limit setting.
  • Gain adjustment with 8 levels of gain adjustment.

Veterinary Monitor Blood Pressure(NIBP)

     Measurement range Blood pressure   (units)  Equine Canine Feline
 Systolic blood pressure                      mmHg 40-255 40-200 40-135
                                                        kPa   5.3-34.0 5.3-26.7  5.3-18.0
Diastolic blood pressure                      mmHg   20-205 20-150 20-100
                                                        kPa  2.7-27.3  2.7-20.0 2.7-13.3
Mean pressure                                   mmHg  27-220  27-165 27-110
                                                        kPa 3.6-29.3 3.6-22.0 3.6-14.7


  • Cuff pressure measurement range: 0 ~ 290±3mmHg.
  • Software overpressure protection Equine: no more than 293 mmHg
  • Canidae: no more than 250 mmHg.
  • Feline: not to exceed 148 mmHg.
  • Hardware overpressure protection Equidae/canines: up to 300 mmHg.
  • Feline: up to 150 mmHg.
  • Measurement interval in automatic mode 2.5 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 90 min, 120 min.

Veterinary Monitor Oximetry Module(SPO2)

  • Measurement range: 69%-100%.
  • Pulse Tone With pulse tone switch function.
  • Waveform speed 3 or more waveform speed options.
  • Sensitivity 3 sensitivity options available.

Veterinary Monitor Body Temperature(TEMP)

  • HD10Vet veterinary monitor system adopts dual body temperature module configuration, with dual-channel temperature difference display.
  • real-time display of the absolute value of the measured temperature difference.

Veterinary Monitor Carbon Dioxide(CO2 )

  • Measurement range: 0mmHg-114mmHg
  • Compensation function with O2, automatic compensation for atmospheric pressure, N2O compensation
  • Measurement function:  FiCO2, EtCO2, awRR


five-lead heart wire * 1, blood oxygen probe * 1, blood pressure extension tube * 1, blood pressure cuff * 4, disposable electrode sheet * 15, power cord * 1.

Optional accessories: dollies, wall brackets, etc.