Portable color Doppler Veterinary Ultrasound System For Various Animals


P3-vet is a portable veterinary color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic machine with high resolution, which has a powerful computer processing platform.P3 veterinary Doppler ultrasound system with superior image processing capabilities


Product Detail


P3 porble vet ultrasound scanner is suitable for needs of ultrasound examination in pet hospitals, clinics, zoos, breeding/breeding bases and various research units.


Adjustable monitor angle from 0 to 30°

Intelligent Operation

Veterinarian Ultrasound System
portable veterinary radiology

Effective standby time ≥ 2 hours

Built-in high-capacity lithium battery (removable), for rapid diagnosis, to provide strong support.

P3 vet ultrasound scanner's excellent image processing capabilities

Doppler spectrum automatic envelope (AUTO TRACE)
Color blood flow technology
Spatial composite imaging
Clean Filter technology (Clean Filter)
Trapezoidal imaging technology
Tissue harmonic imaging technology
4B imaging mode
15-inch medical high-definition monitor

ultrasound image

Dual Probe Interface

Ultrasound probe interface


Animal ultrasound probes

Clinical Images

Dawei Pet Medical Clinical Images