S0 Hand-Held Veterinary Ultrasound Diagnostic System


Product Detail



Hanheld veterinary ultrasound system S0-VET



Detect pregnancy, estimate fetal quantities, diagnose disease, fetal vitality evaluation, fetal heart beats, sheep, pigs, cat and dog pregnancy diagnosis (integration of four common animal gestational age measurement data)


What are the highlights of the hanheld veterinary ultrasound machine?

★ Handheld, light weight, easy to carry.

★ Long running time: can work continuously for about 3 hours

★ 8G built-in storage

★ Easy to operate

★ Winter mode: one key to start the winter mode

★ Corset style wear for farm use

★ High-definition image display, easy and fast early pregnancy monitoring


Technical Specification


1)     Scanning mode: mechanical sector scan

2)     Frequency: 2.0MHZ、2.5MHZ、3.5MHZ、4.0MHZ、5.0MHZ

3)     Display mode: B, B+B, 4B

4)     Depth: 126-307mm,adjustable

5)     Overall gain: 0~100dB

6)     Measurements: Distance, perimeter, area, volume, angle

7)     Cine loop: 255 frames, support continuous playback or view frame by frame

8)     Grey scale: 256

9)     Dynamic range: 0-135dB

10)  Pseudo color: 8 kinds

11)  Frame correlation: 0-3

12)  Language: Chinese, English

宠物受孕 狗肝胆 猪怀孕图像