Waterproofing Handheld Cattle Equine Portable Vet Ultrasound Machine Device


Y6 handheld portable bovine equine ultrasound machine is a newest research and development product by Dawei Veterinary Medical (Jiangsu) Co, Ltd. It adopts the new Acorn RISC Machine, compared with the traditional Microcontroller Unit, it has the characteristics of faster processing speed, stronger processing capacity, larger storage capacity, higher security performance, easier upgrade and maintenance, etc., which effectively brings greater convenience to users.

Product Detail


Cattle Equine ultrasound machine
  • Y6¬†handheld portable bovine equine ultrasound machine can examine: dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, cattle and horse.
  • Diverse Measurement FunctionsGeneral Measurements: Distance, Perimeter-Ellipse, Perimeter-Trajectory, Area-Ellipse, Area-Trajectory
    Specialized Measurements: Large Animals, Small Animals Abdomen, Heart, Obstetrics, Surface


1. Waterproof Portable Bovine Equine Vet Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound Handheld Device
  • 6600mAh Capacity Battery
  • Main screen 8-inch medical HD display
  • Water Resistant
  • Display mode: B, BB, 4B, BM, M
  • Permanent storage: 32G,TF card expandable
  • Support one-click full screen
  • Movie playback: 255 frames
  • Pseudo-color: 28 kinds
  • Gamma correction adjustment: 0-9
  • Image optimization: 0-24
  • Total gain: 0-100
  • Dynamic: 0-120
  • Brightness: 1-9
  • Contrast: 1-9
  • Gray scale: 256 levels


ultrasound machine vet
  • Display Hood(optional)-Suitable for outdoor and other strong light scenes
  • Goggles(optional)-Adjustable brightness and contrast
  • Waterproof-the Y6 equine cattle ultrasound machine can be rinsed and splashed


ultrasound machine vet probes

Clinical Images

Ultrasound Clinical Images