Professional Handheld Full-Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Machine For Cattle, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Sheep, and Pigs


The S1-vet handheld black and white fully digital animal ultrasound machine is a compact and portable veterinary ultrasound device that offers 6 common animal gestational weekly measurements along with packet measurements. It is specifically designed for use in animal healthcare on farms.

Product Detail


The Dawei S1 handheld veterinary ultrasound machine is specifically designed for the examination of abdominal organs in a wide range of animals, including cattle, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, pigs and other species.

Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound


Lightweight and Portable

  • Perlect for one-handed use in outdoor settings like farms.
  • User-Iriendly design makes it a reliable toolfor various situations,Ensuring efficient and accurate imaging on the go.

Handheld Full-Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

handheld veterinary ultrasound
handheld veterinary ultrasound
  • HD image playback function
  • Image storage function
  • Pre-existing optimized inspection parameters
  • Display, high brightness, low power consumption
  • Support large animals, small animals pregnancy test and other common function
  • Handheld veterinary ultrasound display Mode B. B-B. Brightness Contrast Visually
  • AdjustableCope with the complex environment of the farm Easier to operate: Waist strap for one-handed operation 1000nts high brightness indicator, specializing in outdoor use
cattle ultrasound machine

Multiple pseudo-color displays

Animal ultrasound pseudo-colors
Animal ultrasound pseudo-colors
Animal ultrasound pseudo-colors


Animal ultrasound probes

The backfat probe is suitable for the detection of backfat content and eye muscle content in pigs and cattle;
Rectal probe is suitable for the detection of the reproductive system in the rectum of large animals;
Line array probes for small animals: cats and dogs, etc. for abdominal detection;
Convex array probe for medium and large animals: pigs, sheep, large dogs abdominal detection;
Micro-convex probes for abdominal examination of small and medium-sized animals.

Clinical Images