Veterinary Color Doppler Pet Dog Heart Ultrasound Machine


The Dawei T9-VET veterinary color Doppler pet dog heart ultrasound machine is primarily designed for diagnosing heart conditions in dogs, cats, and rodents. It is a pet ultrasound machine known for its exceptional imaging quality.

Product Detail


The Dawei T9-VET veterinary color Doppler dog heart ultrasound is suitable for a wide range of diagnostic examinations in pets, including the digestive system, reproductive system, urinary system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and ophthalmology.


Veterinary Color Doppler

Comfortable handheld imaging, ultra-light weight, easy to carry

Display, high brightness, low power consumption

USB, TF card by port, convenient and fast image storage and playback

110° left/right angle adjustment


Animal heart ultrasound

Clear pet heart ultrasound images

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Dog heart ultrasound machine is versatile enough to meet a variety of diagnostic needs

B+C Dual Real-Time Modes


Color Doppler Blood Flow Mode

Continuous Doppler Mode

Real-Time Dual-Frame Contrast Imaging

Real-Time Triple Synchronization Imaging

Abundant measurement packages

Standard case templates

Real-time image storage

Optional ECG module with USB interface

Advanced imaging technologies:

Digital Beamforming

Multi-Beam Synthesis

Harmonic Imaging Technology

Spatial Compound Imaging

Frequency Compound Imaging

Speckle Noise Suppression Technology

Animal cardiac ultrasound host can be directly connected to WIFI, hotspot

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Phased array probes for cardiac diagnosis: can meet the clinical use of about 400 grams of mice, 1 kg of cats ~ fat cats, 2 kg ~ 60 kg of dogs.

High frequency line array probe:Suitable for superficial organs, musculoskeletal, ophthalmological.

Microconvex probe:Suitable for diagnosis of digestive system, reproductive system, urinary system and basic cardiac examination.

Clinical Images