Veterinary Ultrasonic Knife Pet Surgical System Tissue Cutting Equipment

Veterinary Ultrasonic knife for Safer and More Efficient Surgeries!

Product Detail

Product Features

  • Fast Cutting

55,500Hz Ultra-High-Frequency Vibration

  • Small Incision

Microsurgery with only a 5mm Incision

  • Short Duration

Average Surgery Time of 5-10 Minutes

  • Optimal Vision

Curved Blade Design for Unobstructed Visualization

  • No Infection

No Need for Stitches,Reducing Postoperative Residueand Minimizing the Risk of Infection

  • Rapid Recovery

Non-blunt Tissue Injury


Ultrasonic Knife Main Unit

 Ultrasound Scalpel System

Ultrasonic Knife System 

It is the control section of ultrasonic scalpel system and its output power can be controlled by handle and foot switch.

  • The input voltage:Ac 90V to 240V
  • Input frequency:50 / 60Hz
  • Working current:3A
  • Driving frequency:55.5KHz
  • The power consumption of the largest:300VA
  • There is an electroacoustic transducer in the handle, which can convert the electrical energy provided by the generator into precise mechanical motion(ultrasonic vibration).
  • The transducer is connected to the ultrasonic horn,The horn amplifies the motion generated by the transducer.
  • The handle receives the electric energy from the generator and transfers it to the cutter head through accurate and controllable mechanical movement.

Hand Piece Transducer

Hand Piece

Ultrasonic Scalpel Blade

Ultrasonic Knife Handle

Black Special Coating to Prevent Tissue Adhesion



Ultrasonic head structure

Scissor-Style Blade(Optional)

Scissor-Style Blade

Close lever ergonomic grip design.

Clinically Applicable

Ultrasound Knife Applicable to 95% of Pet Surgeries

ultrasonic scalpel
Veterinary Ultrasonic Surgical