50 kW Large Animal Veterinary X-ray System RV-50A


Output power: 50KW

Rated voltage:220VAC,±10%,50Hz

Exposure kV:40kV-150kV

Exposure mA:10-630mA

Anode heat capacity: 300KHu

20kW for small focal point and 50kW for large focal point

Product Detail

Flat Pannel Detector

X-ray Tube Assembly



The appearance structure is simple and elegant, and the design is reasonable.
The kV range is 40~150kV, and the mA range is 10~630mA, with sufficient penetration and exposure.
Combine powerful software processing capabilities to achieve clear and stable images while reducing radiation dose. The system is simple and easy to operate, and can present high quality X-ray images instantly.



Detector Technology: Amorphous Silicon
Scintillator: CsI
Dimensions: 430mm×430mm
Number of Pixels: 3072 × 3072
Pixel Pitch: 139 um
AD Conversion: 16 bit
Image Acquisition Time: 3s

tube assembly



X-ray Tube Voltage Range: 50kV~150kV
Nominal Focal Spot Value: 0.6mm(Small Focus) 1.2mm(Large Focus)
Nominal Anode Input Power: 20kW(Small Focus) 50kW(Large Focus)
Anode Heat Content: 300KHu