Multi Parameter Veterinary Patient Animal Blood Pressure Vital Signs Monitor


Short boot time-10s to enter working state

Reliable-Extremely strong anti-interferenceability, stable performance

HD display-12.1” wide screen, high definition display

Quick response-Millisecond touch response, easy to operate

Product Detail


The Dawei Veterinary Medical multi parameter  animal vital signs monitoring device is detailed and easy to use, with screen capture function and storage via USB. Monitoring range:ECG, blood oxygen(SpO2), blood pressure(NIBP), respiratory rate(RESP), body temperature(TEMP), heart rate(HR) Widely used in all kinds of small, medium and large animals, pet.


Veterinary Vital Signs Monitor

Veterinary Multiple Parameter Monitoring

  • Touch screen + physical buttons dual navigation operation, harsh environment can also be operated in time;
  • 20 kinds of arrhythmia events alarm, support ST segment analysis function.
  • Extra-long alarm light bar, visible from multiple angles, easier to get alarm information;
  • Seven-conductor ECG on the same screen;
  • A variety of animal vital signs parameters, always monitoring animal vital signs;
  • All discrete modules: ECG, oximetry, blood pressure, motherboard, power supply discrete PCB, reliable performance, convenient maintenance and upgrading;
  • Veterinary animal vital signs monitoring standard configuration: capacitive screen, ECG, oximetry, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperature, heart rate.
  • Optional configuration: printer, 12-lead ECG, mainstream/bypass ETCO2, masimo blood oxygen, suntech blood pressure, C.0., IBP, BIS, etc;

Host Introduction

  • The veterinary vital signs monitor host adopts the Linux operating system, with a standard capacitive touch screen. Based on practical surgical scenarios and extensive medical communication, each interface displays commonly used functions, allowing for quick and easy access to the required work interface.
  • The modular design allows for plug-and-play parameter integration, meeting clinical requirements with flexibility, user-friendliness, and simplicity.
veterinary patient monitor supplier

Monitor Introduction

veterinary patient monitor supplier
  • 12.1" full-view angle display, monitor resolution: 1280 * 800 HD resolution, 10 levels of brightness freely adjustable external interface function depth expansion: screenshot function, 1200 hours of event review, 15 kinds of parameter trend graph display; postoperative communication review, key moments record, team skills development to provide key data support;
  • Arrhythmia analysis, ST-segment analysis, different scenarios of mode selection, unique, but also can be easily dealt with.


Veterinary animal vital signs testing accessories are:
5-conductor cardiac wire *1, electrode clip *5, blood oxygen probe *1, blood pressure extension tube *1, blood pressure cuff *1, power cord; Optional accessories: cart, wall frame, etc.

Veterinary animal vital signs testing accessories