New Launch Portable Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnosic System


The P8-VET Pet Colour Ultrasound Diagnostic Unit is a full digital colour Doppler ultrasound diagnostic unit for pets.
P8-VET animal ultrasound diagnostic equipment adopts advanced and stable PC system, combining excellent image, easy to carry

Product Detail


portable vet ultrasound machine

Dawei high-end portable vet ultrasound machine P8-VET is a portable pet ultrasound machine with clear images, easy operation, easy to carry, and a rich configuration of veterinary probes, which is not only able to satisfy the pet hospitals and scientific research institutes in the examination and diagnosis of the animal's digestive system, reproductive system, urinary system, physical examination, and other aspects of the examination, but is also suitable for the ultrasound examination of the zoo, the breeding base, the breeding base, and other ultrasound examinations for collateral use.

Animal Examination Items
Swine & Bovine pregnancy; reproductive system; backfat thickness, eye muscle area.
Equine Pregnancy; Reproductive system diseases; Tendon Ligament; Cardiovascular Disease.
Ovine Pregnancy; Reproductive system diseases.
Canine & Feline Comprehensive abdominal examination, mainly for digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system and heart diseases


Portable colour ultrasound

Main screen 15" high resolution colour LCD;

Display screen 45 ° within the flexible adjustment;

With professional probe placement rack ≥ 2;

USB3.0 interface to support clinical pictures, image video;

Report storage, export;

Configuration of a set of ultrasound graphic workstation;

Built-in probe interface ≥ 2, fully activated.

Consistent size, interoperability and mutual use;

Support foot switch;Film playback ≥ 3061 frames, support manual and automatic playback;Digital hard

Drive capacity ≥ 256G;

portable veterinary ultrasound machine

Excellent system functions to meet the needs of multidisciplinary diagnosis

More sensitive echo frequency shift capture capability, resulting in better contrast resolution, more tissue structure information, and clearer, more detailed clinical images.

A new generation of FPGA configuration with strong chip capacity enhancement


Portable Veterinary Machine Probes

P8-vet portable dog ultrasound machine is equipped with a wide range of probes.

Clinical Images