Modern Trolley Veterinary Ultrasound Machine


T8-VET is a portable animal ultrasound scanner tailored to the pet field;

Product Detail


T8-VET animal ultrasound diagnostics machine has a rich configuration of veterinary probes, not only to meet the pet hospitals and scientific research institutions in the animal digestive system, reproductive system, urinary system, physical examination and other aspects of the examination and diagnosis, but also suitable for zoos, breeding bases, breeding bases and other ultrasound examination.


Ergonomic design

Main screen 21.5" medical HD monitor;
Angle-adjustable touch screen with touch screen controls 13.3 inches;
Removable probe hanging slot;
Control panel configured with Chinese text film;
Integrated keypad for easy operation;
Four casters with foot brakes.
4 probe ports;
110° left/right angle adjustment: 110° left/right adjustment of the operating panel;

The T8-VET colour Doppler ultrasound machine uses micron imaging technology.

ultrasound cat pregnancy
vet portable ultrasound

Diversified ultrasound imaging techniques


Best Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Probes

Probes (optional):

  1. Convex probe
  2. Linear probe
  3. High frequency linear probe
  4. Intraoperative Probe
  5. Phased Array Probe (Cardiac probe)
  6. Rectal probe
  7. Micro-convex probe
  8. 4D Volume probe

Clinical Images

Clinical images of animal ultrasounds
Clinical images of animal ultrasounds
Clinical images of animal ultrasounds