P50-VET Spectral Doppler Imaging Speckle Reduce Imaging Ultrasonic System


P50-VET portable veterinary doppler ultrasound machine is widely used in pet hospitals, animal experimental research, the use of objects for cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, turtles, fish and other small animals for pathological testing, cardiac function testing, blood flow testing.

Portable veterinary ultrasound scanner has a stable Windows operating system, solid-state storage data storage faster and more stable to deal with complex calculations;

Product Detail


The P50-VET Veterinary Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound is suitable for use in animal hospitals and research institutes to examine and diagnose the digestive, reproductive and urinary systems of animals.

vet ultrasound scanner equipment


Portable Vet Ultrasound Scanner
vet ultrasound scanner equipment

Superior image processing

Diverse color doppler functions

Combined with clinical needs, it incorporates advanced technical measures, such as Doppler, color, 3D/4D imaging, etc., to greatly enhance data processing capability and operational efficiency.

•Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System
•Digital Beam Enhancer
•Multiple Beam Synthesis
•Full-Digital 2D Gray Scale ImagingTissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
•B/C Real-time Two Synchronous Imaging Anatomic M Mode Imaging (Sampling line23)
•Color Doppler Imaging (CFM, PDI, DPDI)Spectral Doppler Imaging (PW, HPRF PW, CW)Tissue Doppler Imaging (TVI, M-mode, Spectral Imaging, ete)
•Four-dimensional Supersonic Image Formation
•Contrast Tuned ImagingSpace Compound Imaging (application to Abdomen, GYN, vessel, superficial small organs, can be dual-image contrast display at same time) Speckle Reduce Imaging (SRI)


ultrasound probe

Clinical Images