Modern Trolley Best Veterinary Ultrasound Machine


T8-VET is configured with a new imaging engine, which can significantly optimize imaging performance. It is a comprehensive imaging system engineered to meet most demanding needs.

Product Detail

Probe optional


High-end veterinary color doppler ultrasound system T8-VET

◇  Outstanding image performance

◇  Suitable for various animals

◇  Red Star Design Award (Chinese Design)

◇  ISO13485 certification and EU CE certification



Suitable for pet hospitals and research institutions in the digestive system, reproductive system, urinary system, physical examination and other aspects of the examination and diagnosis.



◆    Diverse color doppler functions.

◆    21.5-inch LCD display monitor & 13.3-inch LCD touch screen, more convenient to operate.

◆    Quality Guarantee: 2-year warranty and professional after-sales service.


Probes (optional):

  1. Convex probe
  2. Linear probe
  3. High frequency linear probe
  4. Intraoperative Probe
  5. Phased Array Probe (Cardiac probe)
  6. Rectal probe
  7. Micro-convex probe
  8. 4D Volume probe



Technical Advantages:

Built-in solid state drive + mechanical hard drive (128G/1T), fast and stable.

Cine loop: ≥3061 frames.


The ST-U High Speed Imaging Platform is equipped with Germany’s congatec high performance COM-E solution, which uses the most advanced CPU + GPU high-speed algorithm to show delicate and clear images. Multiple hardware configurations such as multi-channel interoperable fully-activated probe interface, built-in data oversized storage space, etc.

Software: Based on CPU+GPU dual-core processing architecture, it solves the difficulty of signal loss in the front-end processing of traditional solutions, with dual-architecture processing, stronger performance, faster response time and more stable data exchange.

Its computing power is 5 times higher than normal, response speed is 10 times higher, and system frame rate is 2 times higher.

动物探头分类 (2) (1)


IMT (carotid artery intima measurement thickness)



Dog liver and gallbladder


 Dog spleen