12 Channel ECG Machine


Product Detail

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  • ● Support languages: CHN / ENG / RUS / FREN / GER / PORTU / SPAN● Lead synchronous ECG acquisition;
    ● Equipped with high speed and high sensitivity hot spot recording system, with print trace depth adjustment function;● 10.2-inch high-definition and wide-angle color LCD screen, capacitive touch control, 12-lead display;● Six ECG record combination modes;

    ● Single line /3 channel/(3+R) channel/(+l+V5) channel/double line 6 channel/single line 6 channel/single/double line 12 channels eight ECG display combination mode;

    ● Accurate ECG automatic diagnosis function, with heart rate exceeding alarm function, and set whether to print the measurement and analysis report;

    ● Full keyboard Chinese touch input (pinyin and wubi optional), can enter hospital and patient information;

    ● With real-time ECG waveform freezing function, it is easy to grasp the patient’s important ECG waveform;

    ● Manual, automatic, rhythm, physical examination and other operating modes;

    ● With RS232 communication interface, USB interface and LAN network interface;

    ● External large capacity SD card /USB memory, can achieve the storage, playback and printing of historical data on the computer;

    ● Built-in large capacity any ion rechargeable battery, and a special charging circuit and perfect battery management and protection system;

    ● With lead off detection function, with paper shortage detection function;

    ● Wide power supply design, suitable for 110-230, 50/60hz ac power supply.

    ● Memory capacity can be expanded by U disk /SD card.

    ★ Can be connected to the ECG workstation, with a strong patient file management function, can store up to hundreds of thousands of ECG reports;

    ★ 12-lead automatic ECG analysis system: ECG automatic diagnosis function, automatic ECG measurement and analysis for doctors’ reference;

    ★ High resolution thermal matrix printout; Baseline stability test to ensure a neat and beautiful ECG waveform every time;

  • Technical indicators
    Common mode rejection ratio(CMRR) ≥100dB
    The input circuit Float, defibrillation
    Input loop current ≤0.1чA
    Sampling rate 12bit/1000HZ
    Operating mode Manual/automatic
    The filter Working filter, electromechanical filter
    Drift filtering Anti-drift system
    The input impedance >50MΩ
    Patient leakage current <10чA
    Fuse specification T1.6A/ 250V Ø5×20
    Recording paper specification Scroll/folding thermal recording paper (210mm ~ 216mm self-adaptive)
    Calibration voltage 1mV±3%
    Polarization resistance voltage ±300mV
    Time constant ≥3.2s
    Frequency response 0.05-150Hz
    Noise level ≤15чVp-p
    Minimum detection signal ≤20чV
    The feeding speed 12.5 mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
    The sensitivity 5, 10, 20 (mm/mV ±5 %)
    record Twelve high resolution thermal print
    The battery 14.52V/5.2Ah(75.504Wh)
    Overall dimensions 365mm×306mm×109mm Net weight: 4.25 KG
    Size of packing box 400mm×350mm×200mm Gross weight: 6.2 KG