Basic Portable Veterinary Ultrasound System


This color Doppler can be used for different organ inspection, preset to optimize the image of the inspection conditions, to reduce the adjustment during operation, and preset the external adjustment for common required and combination adjustment.

Product Detail

Probe ( Optional)


Portable veterinary ultrasound system L3



For the inspection and diagnosis of middle and small size animals’ liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, uterus, and other organs. For the diagnosis of reptile pregnancy, diagnosis of fish gender.




★ Support multiple probes, suitable for various animals.

★ High-quality image performance.

★ B/C/D Real-time Three Synchronous Imaging.

★ B / C real-time split screen mode.

★ Automatic calculation of pregnancy weeks and due date values, no need to calculate manually.


Optional probes:

◇ Linear probe

◇ Micro-convex probe

◇ Convex probe

◇ Rectal probe

◇ High frequency linear probe

◇ Phased array probe

◇ Backfat probe


Technical Specification


1) – Main monitor: 15 inch LED Medical Display

2) – Language: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish

3) – Display mode: B, BB, 4B, B/M, M

4) – Battery capacity: 15600mAH(3~6 hours)

5) – Measurements: Distance, area, Angle, time, slope, heart rate, speed, acceleration, resistance index/pulsation index and other professional measurement

6) – Cine loop: 600 frames


B mode

Overall gain:0-100

TGC: 8 segments Adjustable

Dynamic range: 20-280dB

Pseudo color: 0-11

Focus: 6

Grey scale: 0-7

Filter: 0-4

Frame correlation: 0-4


Color Doppler Imaging Mode

Color Frame correlation: 0-12

Color Flow Imaging: 0-7

Base line: 0-11

Filter: 0-5 levels adjustable


Spectral Doppler Imaging Mode

Sampling volume angle correction: -80°~80°adjustable

Sample volume: 0.5mm-20mm adjustable

Base line: -  11 levels, adjustable

Pseudo color: 0-5

Parameter display: ≥4 kinds, adjustable

Grey scale: 0-7

Filter: 0-8

Dynamic range: 10-95db, step 5

Noise reduction: 0-28

动物探头分类 (2) (1)


M mode


Liver color doppler


Pregnancy check