Veterinary Syringe Pump

  • ≤8s boot time
  • Touch screen
  • Portable and beautiful
  • Lithium battery
  • High compatibility

Product Detail

veterinary syringe pump

Veterinary syringe pump is generally used for tiny pets or critically ill pets. It pumps a small amount of medicine into the body precisely, microscopically, evenly and continuously. It is easy to operate, regular and quantitative, and the concentration and speed of the drug can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the condition, so that the drug can maintain an effective blood concentration in the body. The use of syringe pumps to resuscitate critically ill pets can reduce workload and improve efficiency. It can accurately, safely and effectively cooperate with veterinarian rescue.

The veterinary syringe pump can achieve the purpose of controlling the infusion rate by acting on the syringe. It is used in situations where precise control of fluid delivery and medication volumes is necessary, and it is compatible with various brands of syringes.


1. 4.3-inch color touch screen, easy to operate, clear vision

2. Simple one-button start rate mode for easy operation

3. Compatible with syringes of various brands

4. User-friendly interface with audible and visual alarm

5. Multiple infusion modes to meet different infusion requirements

6. Rechargeable lithium battery can work continuously up to 5 hours

7. The veterinary syringe pump can deliver fluid precisely, evenly and continuously, strictly control the amount of fluid, ensure the best effective concentration of fluid, and reasonably regulate the fluid injection speed.

8.The veterinary syringe pump can deliver fluid with an accuracy of ±2% to meet clinical needs.

9.The veterinary syringe pump has an evacuation function, which assists to complete the removal of air bubbles in the pipeline to avoid embolism.

Veterinary Syringe Pump