Professional Palm Full-Digital Veterinary Ultrasonic System


Product Detail

Probe Optional


Hanheld veterinary ultrasound system S1-VET



Suitable for used in the examination of abdominal organs of various animals such as cattle, horses, dogs, cats, sheep and pigs.



What are the highlights of the hanheld veterinary ultrasound machine?

★ Handheld, light weight, easy to carry.

★ Long running time: can work continuously for about 3 hours

★ 32G permanent storage

★ Easy to operate

★ Winter mode: one key to start the winter mode

★ Corset style wear for farm use

★ High-definition image display, easy and fast early pregnancy monitoring


Optional probes:

◇ 3.5MHz onvex probe

◇ 5.0MHz micro-convex probe

◇ 6.5MHz rectal linear probe

◇6.5MHz rectal probe for sheep

◇ 7.5MHz linear probe

◇ 3.5MHz backfat probe


Technical Specification


1)     Main monitor: 5.6 inch LED mdeidcal display

2)     Language: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese

3)     Display mode: B, BB, 4B, B/M, M

4)     Focus: four sections electronic focus, focus position adjustable

5)     Measurements: distance, perimeter, area, obstetrics

6)     Cine loop: 255 frames, support continuous playback or view frame by frame

7)     Grey scale: 256

8)     Overall gain: 0-255, Near-field gain: -31-0, Far-field gain: 0-31

9)     Image post-processing: 0-3

10)  Edge enhancement: 0-3

11)  Brightness: 0-31

12)  Image Optimize: 0-12

13)  Frame correlation: 0-3

14)  Contrast ratio: 0-63

15)  Dynamic range: 27-90

16)  Pseudo color: 24 kinds

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