Pig Sheep Handheld Wireless Ultrasound Probe Scanner Portable Sow Dog Pregnancy Ultrasound Machine For Andorid APP


The Wireless Ultrasound application software is an application designed for use on Android devices to enable real-time image processing and dynamic display of handheld pig and sheep wireless ultrasound fan scanning probe devices connected via WiFi.¬†Wireless fan scanning probes are mainly used in livestock (sheep/pig) farms for large-scale breeding and management, scientific detection methods to improve the fertility rate and productivity of animals, reduce the cost of feeding to ensure that the farm’s income.

Product Detail


Wireless Ultrasound Scanner with 3.5 Mhz Mechanical Fan Sweep Probe for Pigs, Sheep, Dogs and Cats, Android Portable and Easy-to-Use Veterinary Ultrasound Device for Real-Time Diagnostics, Includes Battery and Charger.

wireless ultrasound scanner


1.WiFi Connection

Automatically searches for and connects to WiFi hotspots for handheld wireless veterinary ultrasound probes.

2. Image Processing

Includes ultrasound image scan conversion, contrast enhancement, adaptive speckle noise suppression, edge enhancement and frame correlation.

3. Dynamic image display

Displays processed ultrasound images on the Android device.

Click on the Image Storage button to save the current image as JPG and generate a PDF report. The report is stored under the Ultrascan\report path; the jpg image is stored under the Ultrascan\image path.

4. Image and video storage
and PDF reports can be generated

Stores images and videos, as well as generates detailed diagnostic reports.

wireless ultrasound probe

5. RFID Identification

Read an animal's RFID tag using an RFID reader on a handheld wireless pig sheep ultrasound scanner probe

wireless ultrasound probe

6. Handheld wireless veterinary ultrasound probe
with waterproof design

Silicone keys, the whole machine waterproof design, easy to clean and disinfect;

wireless ultrasound probe

7.Specialized obstetric measurement functions

For specific measurements on animals such as pigs, dogs and goats.

wireless ultrasound probe

8.Specialized obstetric measurement functions

Tap the Freeze/Unfreeze button on the interface or on the device to toggle the sweep and freeze status.

wireless ultrasound probe

9.Ultra-long battery life

Imported LG lithium battery cell, 3500mAh battery life, adding battery protection plate process and system optimization performance is more stable; the internal use of thermal conductivity device, external high temperature environment can also ensure normal use;

wireless ultrasound probe

Software Module


1.Connection Management Module

1.Connection Management Module

Reads the animal's RFID tag using the RFID reader of the handheld ultrasound device.

2.Image Processing Module

Performs various image processing algorithms to improve image quality.

3.Measurement Module

Contains animal-specific measurement algorithms.

4.Storage Management Module

Handles image and video saving and report generation.

5.User Interface Module

Provides intuitive user interface and display functions.

Package Included

wireless ultrasound scanner

Clinical Images

wireless ultrasound probe
wireless ultrasound probe