20kW Animal Digital X-ray Radiography System


➣ 17’’×17’’ Amorphous silicon cesium iodide flat panel detector

➣ High frequency high voltage generator

➣ Preferential price

➣ Good image quality

➣ Low dose of radiation

Product Detail

Flat Pannel Detector

X-ray Tube Assembly

High-voltage Generator

Image Acquisition Software

RV-20A animal digital X-ray radiography system is a fully functional, secure and efficient digital X-ray image acquisition system:

● The appearance structure is simple and elegant, and the design is reasonable.

● The bed panel of the photography bed floats in four directions.

● It has a wider scope of application and can shoot all kinds of animals. The kV range is 40~150, and the mA range is 10~200, with sufficient penetration and exposure.

● Combine powerful software processing capabilities to achieve clear and stable images while reducing radiation dose.

● The system is simple and easy to operate, and can present high quality X-ray images instantly.

● It requires minimal space and can be installed within one day.

● With a complete product upgrade plan, customers can choose according to their own needs.

● 17in*17in large-area imaging area, meeting the requirements of multi-scene clinical photography.

● The high-performance cesium iodide process achieves high-quality images while reducing exposure dose.

● 139μm pixel size, 16-bit ADC high-definition image details.




Detector Technology

Amorphous Silicon





Number of Pixels

3072 × 3072

Pixel Pitch

139 um

AD Conversion

16 bit

Image Acquisition Time


● Double focus: 1.0mm(small focus), 2.0mm(large focus), to achieve the best balance of image resolution and loading power.

● High anode heat content:The anode heat content of the tube is 140kHU, which can achieve more stable continuous exposure performance and better meet the requirements of continuous work.




X-ray Tube Voltage Range


Nominal Focal Spot Value

1.0mm(Small Focus)  2.0mm(Large Focus)

Nominal Anode Input Power

20kW(Small Focus)  40kW(Large Focus)

Anode Heat Content


● Ultra-wide range of millisecond-level control, with three exposure modes of kV-mA, kV-mAs, and kV-mA-ms.

● Fault self diagnosis, accurate positioning error, convenient maintenance, modular design.

● Industry leading automatic tube calibration function, perfect control tube current accuracy.




Output Power

20 KW

Rated Voltage


kV Range

40 KV~150 KV

mA Range

10 mA~200 mA

ms Range

1ms~6300 ms

mAs Range


● Support DICOM image format, support PACS system.

● Supports 8 typical animals and up to 75 photographic positions, each optimized for processing.

● Support doctors to personalize images.

● Support DICOM image format film printing, CD burning, U disk backup.

● Support report and image printing.