20kW Animal Digital X-ray Radiography System


The RV-20A veterinary x ray machine system is a digital x-ray image acquisition system that combines software processing capabilities to achieve clear and stable images while reducing radiation dose.

Product Detail


RV-20A Veterinary X-ray machine for skeletal, muscular, thoracic, abdominal and radiographic examination of animals.


RV-20A veterinary x ray machine system is a digital X-ray image acquisition system:

  • The appearance structure is simple and elegant, and the design is reasonable.
  •  The bed panel of the photography bed floats in four directions.
  • It can shoot kinds of animals. The kV range is 40~150, and the mA range is 10~200, with sufficient penetration and exposure.
  • The system is simple and easy to operate, and can present high quality X-ray images instantly.

Flat Panel Detector

  • 17in*17in imaging area, meeting the requirements of multi-scene clinical photography.
  • The performance cesium iodide process achieves high-quality images while reducing exposure dose.
  • 139μm pixel size, 16-bit ADC definition image details.



Veterinary X Ray MachineTube Assembly

  • Double focus: 1.0mm(small focus), 2.0mm(large focus).
  • High anode heat content:The anode heat content of the tube is 140kHU.



Flat Pannel Detector
X-Ray Tube Assembly

High-Voltage Generator

--Accurate positioning error, convenient maintenance, modular design.


High-Voltage Generator

Clinical Images

animal x ray machine