Wireless Probe Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner Portable Veterinary Machine


The DW-C1 is a veterinary color Doppler scanner with a 3.3MHz convex probe. It can be used for health or pregnancy examination of cats, dogs, pigs, sheep and other medium-sized animals.

Product Detail


The DW-C1 is a veterinary color Doppler scanner with a 3.3MHz convex probe. You can perform health or pregnancy checks on different animals such as cats, dogs, pigs, and sheep, as well as other medium-sized animals.

While the handheld design brings portability, it also has a color Doppler function. The modes include B, B/M, CFM, PDI, CFM, and PW. It can collect blood flow movement, tissue movement information, and organ tissue imaging, etc.


Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities for Animals

  •  For pregnant animals
  • Master postpartum uterine recovery
  • Diagnosis of uterine diseases
  • Observe embryonic development
  • Estimate the number of babies
  • General data measurements

Powerful System Functions

  •  Model: DW-X1
  • Color Doppler: Yes
  •  Adaptation: ios (version 12.3 or above)/Android (version 8.1.0 or above)
  • Probe: Dual probe (convex probe/linear probe)
  • Probe frequency: 3.2MHz/7.5MHz (adjustable)
  • Connection method: Wifi connected to mobile phone/computer (15 meters)
  • Power: 1350mAh (continuous operation ≥ 2 hours)
  • Charging method: wireless charging
  • Display mode: B, B/M, CFM, PDI, CFM, PW
  • Puncture assist: In-Plane, Out-Plane
  •  Depth (mm): 16 levels adjustable
  • Video playback: 100/200/500/1000 frames
  • Gain range: G30~G105
  • PW Gain: 0-100
  • Image grayscale: 256 levels
  • One-click parameter recovery function
  • Host size: 12.3*5.3*2.2cm
  • Host net weight: 120g
  • Measurement functions: pregnancy test, backfat thickness, distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, heart rate
  • Scope of application: Ultrasound examination for various needs in pet hospitals, clinics, zoos, breeding/breeding bases and various scientific research units, etc.

Package Included

ultrasound probe
  • 1 x wireless probe
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x wireless charger

Clinical Images

ultrasound probe
ultrasound probe
ultrasound probe