Veterinary Surgical Lights for Animal Health Facilities


  • Brightness
  • Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight and easy to move

Product Detail


With adjustable brightness levels, our veterinary surgical lights offer unparalleled flexibility, ensuring optimal illumination for any procedure while conserving energy. The seamless adjustment between high and low settings guarantees precise control over lighting conditions, facilitating shadowless surgery for animals of all sizes.

Moreover, our lights are ingeniously engineered to be lightweight and portable, enhancing mobility and convenience in any veterinary setting. Whether in a clinic or on the go, our shadowless surgery lamp for animals ensures uncompromised visibility and ease of use, empowering veterinarians to perform procedures with utmost confidence and accuracy.


veterinary surgical lights

Outstanding cold light effect

Adopting high-quality LED lamp beads as surgical lighting, it is a real cold light source, with almost no temperature rise in the doctor's head and wound area.

No flicker

Shadowless lamp is pure DC power supply, no flicker, not easy to cause eye fatigue, also will not produce harmonic interference to other equipment in the work area.

Uniform illumination

Using special optical system 360 degrees uniform irradiation on the back of the observation object, no shadow, high clarity.

Infinitely adjustable brightness

Adopting the digital method of infinitely adjustable brightness, the operator can adjust the brightness according to their own adaptability to the brightness, so as to achieve the most ideal comfort, so that the eyes are not easy to work for a long time to produce a sense of fatigue.


Model ASL-500s Color rendering index >90
Light source components LED cold light source Spot diameter Manually adjustable
Number of lamp beads 30pcs LED service life 80000 hours
Illumination range 30000-160000LUX Input power AC220V±10%
Adjustment mode Infinitely adjustable Color temperature range 3700K-5000K
Material Steel spraying + acrylic Package Size 1070×660×240MM