Veterinary Surgical Shadowless Lamp


  • Extra long service life
  • Bright and even lighting effect
  • Extremely low failure rates

Product Detail

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The veterinary surgical shadowless lamp ASL-500 adopts German OSRAM lamp beads and German lenses to provide the operator with excellent illumination, allowing clear observation of small, low-contrast objects at different depths in the incision and body cavity, and eliminating shadows as much as possible to minimize color distortion.

Note: 500 refers to the lamp head diameter of  500mm.


Product Features:

1. Low heat production

The greater advantage of LED is that it produces less heat because it emits almost no infrared or ultraviolet light.

2. Perfect cold light effect

Using a new LED cold light source, there is no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectrum, there is neither heat nor radiation, and the temperature rise of the doctor’s head and wound area is ≤1℃, almost no temperature rise.

3. Color temperature adjustable

The color temperature is adjustable from 3500K to 6700K in six steps, which makes the diagnosis more accurate and does not cause eye fatigue to the medical staff due to long working hours.

4. Bright and even lighting effect

The light beam from the LED light source is focused through a specially designed high performance lens in the surgical area to meet the light field required for surgical illumination; the maximum illumination level can reach 160.000 LUX. The brightness of the LEDs is steplessly regulated digitally, and the illumination level of each lamp head can be adjusted separately.

5. Deep lighting and perfect shadowless effect

The overall design of the LED head makes the beam gather into a high brightness uniform light column, thus ensuring a soft and uniform deep gathering effect to ensure that the surgery for high brightness, high depth of lighting needs.

6. Extra long service life

Adopt new LED cold light source, the life of up to 65,000 hours or more, no need to replace the bulb. Better than the traditional halogen lamp, but also to meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

7. User-friendly interface design

Lighting brightness can be changed according to the hospital’s demand for different surgical lighting. Optional new LED touch LCD control panel can be used to realize the switch of lighting and the adjustment of illumination, color temperature and brightness mode.

8. Good suspension

Lightweight and high quality balance arm suspension system (optional imported arm), six groups of universal joint linkage, 360 degree all-round design, can meet the needs of various heights, angles and body positions in surgery, easy to move and accurate positioning.

9. Ideal exterior design

The fully enclosed streamlined lamp head design conforms to the design principle of aerodynamics, completely eliminating the flow of dead space in the purified air, meeting the high standard laminar flow requirements of modern operating rooms and facilitating the sterile requirements of operating rooms.

10. Extremely low failure rates

Each LED module contains 6 LED beads (ASL-700 each module contains 10 LED beads), each module contains an independent electronic control system, the lamp head has a very low failure rate, the failure of a single LED will not affect the function of the lamp head.


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