Veterinary Inhalation Anesthesia Machine


  • Large capacity CO2 absorber tank
  • Simple function panel
  • Selectatec standard evaporator

Product Detail

Detail Images and Video

AAM-100 is a high-end anesthesia machine used in animal hospitals. The product upholds the design concept of animal doctor-centered and full-scene application, completely abandoning the design idea of traditional animal anesthesia machine that only considers cost.


Product Features:

1. One machine has two usage modes and can be applied to three scenarios, flexible switching to accommodate different animals and surgeries.

2. Air source pressure gauge and safety valve can be used with confidence.

3. Selectatec evaporator, easy to replace.

4. Independent ACGO tributaries with one-click switching for easy control of anesthetic gas flow.

5. Large capacity CO2 absorber tank with toggle locking structure for easy replacement and cleaning.

6. Pre-calibrated APL valve with one-step airway pressure setting.

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