How much does an ultrasound for checking pregnant cows cost

How much does a veterinary ultrasound machine for checking pregnant cows cost? There are ultrasound machines on the market that cost around $500, as well as thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, although the $500 or so machines are primarily used for in vitro pregnancy testing in animals such as pigs and sheep, while pregnancy testing in ewes requires an intrarectal pregnancy test, which needs to be more highly equipped.

Bovine ultrasound can generally be used to check pregnancy status 30 days after breeding, and can be used to accurately determine the sex of the fetus 55-60 days after ovulation. It can also be used to accurately detect symptoms such as gynecological diseases and empty pregnancies.

Using the S1 ultrasound machine for large animals to detect pregnancy, the rectal probe is usually chosen:
(1) Preparation: the examined cow should be cleaned up as much as possible rectal accumulation of manure, the examiner clipped fingernails, the edge of the nails polished, so as not to scratch the rectal wall during the rectal examination, resulting in rectal hemorrhage.
(2) Bowling: the cow should be bowled in a natural standing position on the cow bed or in the column, as in rectal palpation, which can be operated by one person without special bowling, and the assistant should fix the tail if necessary.
(3) Rectal detection: The operator grasps the ultrasound probe of the cow with the thumb and ring finger of the whole hand, and the middle finger fixes the dorsal depression of the probe to ensure the direction of the probe is stable. The hand-held probe penetrates deep into the rectum, and then carries out careful probing.

Cattle Pregnancy Test

ultrasound machine for large animals

S1 Veterinary ultrasound key introduction

S1 technical parameters
1、Description of the use of equipment: mainly used in pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, pets and other animals abdominal organ examination
2、Display: 5.6-inch LED medical display
3、Scanning mode: convex array/line array
4、Operating interface: Chinese/English interface
5、Display mode: B, BB
6, electronic focus: three electronic focus, adjustable focus position
7, Frequency range: 3.5MHz (2.5/3.5/5.0), 5.0MHz (3.5/5.0/6.5), 6.5MHz (5.0/6.5/7.0) 3.5MHz (2.5/3.5/5.0) 7.5 (6.5/7.5/8.0)
8, image mirroring: left and right mirror, black and white flip, up and down flip
9, measurement: distance, circumference, area, obstetrics
Animal measurement package: cattle (BTD, BUD), horses (EGSD, ESD), pigs (HLA, SLA) sheep (SCRL), dogs (HD, BD, GSD, CRL), cats (HD, BD)
10、Movie playback: 255 frames, can be played back continuously or viewed frame by frame
11, permanent storage: 8G, can be stored and read, can be expanded larger TF card
12、Gray scale: 256 levels
13, Battery capacity: 2600mAh
14, total gain: 0-255, near-field gain: 0-255, far-field gain: 0-255
15, image processing: NR 10-68 left and right step 1, up and down step 10; IP 0-15 up and down step 1;
16、8 kinds of pseudo-color processing;
17, 15 levels of magnification:
Multi-level probe depth: 3.5MHz (57-230) microconvex (54-226) rectal (49-221) backfat (46-207) line array (46-207)
18, interface: probe interface, USB interface, TF card interface, 14V charging interface
19, Brightness: 01-15; contrast 01-15
20, power indicator, and charging indicator, net weight of 950 grams, data can be measured in real time
Optional probe: 3.5MHz convex array probe, 5.0MHz micro-convex probe, 6.5MHz rectal probe, 3.5MHz backfat probe, 7.5 line array probe.

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