Portable Color Doppler Veterinarian Ultrasound System P3-VET


Direction Power Doppler Imaging (DPDI)

Tissue Harmonic Doppler Imaging

Spatial Composite Imaging

4D Imaging

Spectral Pulse Doppler imaging

Auto Spectrum Envelope Measurement

Product Detail



★Outstanding image performance

★Suitable for various animals

★A wide selection of probes



◇Diverse color doppler functions.

◇15-inch LCD display monitor & flexible adjustment of the display within 30°.

◇Quality Guarantee: 2-year warranty and professional after-sales service.



It uses a self-developed innovative ultrasound operating platform called “Cloud Sea” that enhances the performance and efficiency of ultrasound.

It has a fast ADC information transmission module that ensures high sampling rate, wide bandwidth and high signal dynamic range.

It integrates advanced probe configuration and technology that provides a complete probe family and advanced sub-array technology.

It produces clearer, more realistic, more sensitive and smoother ultrasound images than previous ultrasound imaging systems.

It offers various imaging functions and clinical solutions that simplify and improve the operation of the instrument, increase the work efficiency of medical staff and optimize the human-machine interaction experience.

Summary of Main Functions

Pulse Doppler Imaging (PW)
Direction Power Doppler Imaging (DPDI)
B/C/D Real-time Three Synchronous Imaging
Compound Imaging
Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
2B/4B Imaging Modes
System language option: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
Main monitor: 15 inch
All-in-one clipboard: saved images display on the bottom of the screen, which can be directly transferred or deleted.
The system has the function of on-the-spot upgrade.
Presupposition: for different inspection of the viscera, preset the inspection conditions for the best image, reduce the adjustment of the operation, and the comm only used external adjustment and combination regulation.
Trapezoidal Imaging
One Key Smart Optimization


Directional Energy Doppler


Auto Spectrum Envelope Measurement


 Trapezoidal Imaging