The role of veterinary ultrasound machine in the reproduction and breeding of ewes


When using a veterinary ultrasound machine to check the reproduction of ewes, it can be found that there may be feeding problems. The infertility of ewes is often related to the insufficient amount of feed or lack of some nutrients. As the ewes are managed in a sloppy manner, the diet is supplied at the required level and does not meet production levels, resulting in rapid backfat loss and weakness. The body condition of the ewe will directly affect the ewe’s estrus, ovulation, and conception. After using a veterinary ultrasound machine, you can see that the follicles on the ovaries are not clearly developed. Allow ewes to graze on better pastures, you can promote backfat growth and regularly use a veterinary ultrasound machine for backfat thickness checks to see how the backfat is growing. At the same time, supplemental feed, such as hay, is given to better meet nutritional needs so that ewes can breed better and more normally during the breeding season. If it is winter, you should also get more sunlight and take early weaning measures after the birth to prevent overpopulation. In addition to this, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of the barn, the hygiene of the ewes, and to maintain a certain level of cleanliness, dryness and ventilation in the barn.



Ultrasonography for sheep



The technical sterility of ovine reproduction is mainly in the following three areas: firstly, the identification of estrus, the inability to detect estrus in ewes in time, resulting in missed breeding or untimely breeding. Second, mating technology, poor artificial insemination techniques, improper semen handling and sperm delivery techniques are also one of the main causes of infertility. Thirdly, the accuracy of inspection, as the ewe’s estrus symptoms are not obvious, especially sheep’s estrus is not obvious, do not have a pregnancy check and the inspection practices is poor or unskilled, can not timely detect unfertilized ewes. Therefore, it is necessary to use a veterinary ultrasound machine for pregnancy tests in sheep farms. In order to prevent the above from happening, it is necessary to improve the technical level of breeding, and strictly carry out estrus identification, pregnancy check, breeding and some standard operations. In addition, receiving and assisting births, as well as dealing with postpartum diseases, are also carried out with the help of veterinary ultrasound machines.

Post time: Jan-29-2023