How to use swine ultrasound machine for pregnancy in swine?

The use of swine ultrasound machine is receiving more and more attention in the daily production management of pig farms. Ultrasound for sows is also relatively common. Dawei Veterinary Medical summarize the the know-how of using swine ultrasound machine in practice to help you better use it.

 Ultrasound examination of sow

1. The size and position of the sow’s uterus will change with the development of the embryo, generally moving downward and forward with time. While the position of each pig’s uterus will be different, the position of the probe is a reference, if you can’t detect the black spot after putting it on, you should check it in all directions by swinging, turning or moving the probe.
2. Examining position of gilt: the gilt’s ventral posterior end of the penultimate 1-2 pairs of teats above the nipples, between 5-10cm lateral to the base of the sow’s teats, between 45° towards the opposite side of the spine to adjust the probe.
3. The sow can be examined in both standing and lying positions, but it is generally recommended to make the sow stand, which is easier to find the right position.
4. Examining position of sow: between the penultimate pair of teats and the fourth pair of teats at the posterior end of the sow’s ventral side, between 5-10 cm from the base of the sow’s breast, and in a direction of 45° towards the spine to adjust the probe. For the case that gestation crates are too narrow and the teat positions are not well counted, ultrasound examination can be performed in the following areas: the triangular area recessed between the penultimate first and fourth teats as shown in the figure below, which can be rotated for multi-angle examination with the probe during examination.

Position of sow ultrasound examination
5. Both sides of the sow should be checked, regardless of left and right. When one side cannot be checked for black spots, the other side should be changed and continued to be checked to prevent misjudgment.


These are the answers to our customers’ questions such as how to find the position of the sow when using the veterinary ultrasound machine, and what is the difference between the examination position of a gilt and a sow.

Post time: Feb-10-2023