How to do ultrasound for goat?

The steps to do ultrasound for goat are roughly as follows:

ultrasound for goat

1 Choose a suitable ultrasound machine, preferably portable and capable of wireless transmission of images to a tablet or phone.

2 Prepare a clean examination location, which can be a fixed barn or a mobile isolator.

3 Make sure the goat’s body is dry and shave off excess hair from the back and abdomen.

4 Apply an appropriate amount of contact lubricant between the scanning head and the goat’s skin to improve image quality.

5 Place the scanning head on the center of the goat’s back and move it forward or backward along the spine until you find the position between the 13th pair of ribs and the first pair of lumbar vertebrae.

6 At this position, you can measure the goat’s muscle depth and backfat thickness, which can be used for genetic evaluation and breeding objectives.

7 If you want to check if the goat is pregnant, you need to place the scanning head on the right side of the goat’s abdomen, about 10 cm behind the fourth pair of breasts.

8 At this position, you can observe structures such as uterine horn, fetus, placenta and yolk sac. Based on their shape, size and number, you can determine if the goat is pregnant, gestation period and litter size.

Post time: Mar-20-2023