Features of DR

First, the most prominent advantage of the digital X-ray machine is the high resolution, clear and delicate images, veterinarians can carry out a variety of image post-processing, such as digital subtraction, as needed to obtain the desired diagnostic effect.   Secondly, the device can display digital images in real time under fluoroscopic state, and the veterinarian then performs digital photography according to the condition of the animal’s disease, and then through a series of image post-processing such as edge enhancement, magnification, black and white flip, image smoothing and other functions, rich and reliable clinical diagnostic information can be extracted from it, which is especially helpful for the detection of early lesions. Performing a DR scan on a horse Third, DR imaging is fast, the acquisition time is 10ms or less, imaging only about 3s, you can immediately observe the image on the screen, a few seconds can be transmitted to the post-processing workstation, read the film and send a diagnostic report.   Fourth, the digital image formed by the digital X-ray machine requires less X-ray metering than conventional film imaging, thus it can get high-definition images with lower X-ray dose and also reduce the X-ray radiation to which the animal is exposed.   Fifth, because it has changed the traditional film photography method, computerized film-free file management method can be used, while saving a lot of money and space, greatly improving efficiency.   In addition, digital X-ray images can be directly presented on the computer and medical system, which provides great convenience for pet hospitals to conduct remote expert consultation and online communication. In addition, DR can also perform multiple image display and image comparison for accurate veterinary diagnosis. The image scrolling playback function also allows veterinarians to recall the entire fluoroscopic examination process.

Post time: Dec-28-2022