The use of portable ultrasound machine for swine in pig farm

Nowadays, portable ultrasound machine for swine have become the standard equipment for farms. Indeed, with the emergence of modern farms, more and more farms are buying veterinary ultrasound machines to detect animal reproduction and increase efficiency. Let’s take a look at the use of veterinary ultrasound machines in pig farm.

Ultrasounding pigs for pregnancy


Analysis of the practical application of portable ultrasound machine for swine in farms

1. The first time to detect whether pregnant or not (the first estrus period: 19-21 days). Detecting the presence or absence of pregnancy at this point is the most cost effective for the breeder, and if not pregnant, it can be re-mated in time, thus greatly reducing the time of ineffective feeding.

2. For large-scale farms, estimating the number of embryos about 30 days after breeding is an indicator that must be taken seriously. Early estimation of the number of embryos is beneficial to the nutritional formula and the adjustment of feeding amount in the gestation sow’s ration. When the number of embryos is high and the nutrition and rations cannot keep up, it is easy to cause abortion or weak fetus; while when the number of embryos is low and the nutrition and rations are excessive, it is easy to cause the embryo to develop too big and cause difficult birth.

3. For farmers, the presence of stillborn fetuses can be detected after 65 days of breeding, the most fear is the emergence of stillborn fetuses, early detection of stillborn fetuses can avoid considerable economic losses. If there is a dead fetus, it can be treated according to the situation.

4. If the sow cannot be mated two or three times, she can be checked for uterine infection, ovarian cysts and other reproductive disorders. Ovarian cyst: commonly known as pig infertility, is one of the serious problems plaguing farmers at present, its main symptom is repeatedly mating infertile, sow estrus symptoms are obvious, estrus time is more regular, but just can not match.

5. The middle period (40-60 days) can be checked for embryo absorption, which is also one of the problems plaguing breeders. The main symptom: after mating no longer have estrus performance two months or so when the belly is a little big to a little milk at the time of delivery, but after the delivery period also no performance of piglet.


The method of using veterinary ultrasound to check whether the sow is pregnant

The examined sow can stand freely or lie on its side in the feeding barn and be probed on its inner thigh and on the abdomen outside the last teat. The probe is simply coated with coupling gel and applied to the lower abdomen. There is no damage or stimulation during the examination, which has short examination time, no stress and high accuracy rate. The images are visualized and a positive early pregnancy is confirmed when a dark area of a black gestational sac or a skeletal image of the fetus is seen. Early pregnancy monitoring can be performed as early as 20 days after mating.


It is believed that farms will reduce losses and bring better benefits after introducing portable ultrasound machine for swine.

Post time: Feb-01-2023